Scuba Diving in Aruba is spectacular. Aruba’s waters average 80 degrees F and go as low as the 70s in “winter” (which does not actually exist in Aruba!). Coral reefs, wrecks, a wide variety of marine life, and spawning coral displays are just some of the things you can expect to see. Currents affect visibility in some areas, and this of course changes with sea conditions. On the resort side of the island one can expect visibility of 18 to 36m (59-118 feet). Except in the rainy season (October to January) freshwater runoff to the ocean is low to none. In terms of wrecks, planes and shipwrecks are popular, including the Antilla, which is the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean. It is not unusual to see less common species such as sea horses, basket stars and eels. Unfortunately what used to be a less common sight, the destructive Lionfish has become more invasive after first being spotted in 2009. It is probably the only species for which spearfishing is actively encouraged, in all other cases spearfishing is illegal. Most scuba diving operators offer a variety of courses from beginners’ resort courses to courses designed for Dive Masters

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